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Courtesy of Ronny Van De Velde

Painter, furniture designer, decorator. Studies starting in 1915 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Baugniet sojourns in Paris in 1921 and 1922, and beginning in 1923 joins 7 Arts, writing various articles on the decorative arts. Married to the dancer Marguerite Acarin (known professionally as Akarova), he designs costumes for her stage performances. In 1925 he co-founds the artist's group L’Assaut, and designs numerous theatre décors and posters before devoting himself more fully to interior design. He opens his own architecture office in Brussels under the name L’Intérieur Moderne, which becomes Baugniet et Cie in 1929. He long remains faithful to a form of synthesized realism and, paradoxically enough, evolves towards a more radical form of abstraction in the decade of the Thirties.