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Anto Carte was a renowned polyvalent Belgian artist. Hies oeuvre is both archaic, referring towards the Flemish Primitives and Peter Breughel, as well as Expressionist and Symbolist. Anto Carte depicts numerously religious subjects and genre scenes, more locally de painted the black landscapes of the Borinage with its workers and folklore. He travelled numerous times to Morocco, Spain, the United States of america and also Italy. Anto Carte started his artistic studies at the Academy of Mons under the tutorship of Antoine Bourlard and Emile Motte, as well as at the Academy of Brussels from 1906 until 1909 under the tutorship of Constant Montald, Emile Fabry and also Jean Delville. He completed his artistic training at the atelier of Cavaillé-Col in Paris from 1910 until 1912, where he met the Belgian art critic Emile Verhaeren. Anto Carte participated with his oeuvre in 1921 at the "Salon de Printemps" in the "Cercle Artistique" in Brussels. In 1923, he exhibited at the "Salon de Paris" together with his Flemish contemporaries Valerius De Sadeleer and Gustave Van de Woestyne. In 1924, he acquired a succesful art exhibition at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh. Anto Carte was the founder of Walloon artistic group "Nervia" in 1928. He became a member of the Belgian Royal Academy in 1951. Retrospectives were held in his honour in Mons in 1949 and 1972, as well as in Brussels in 1959.