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Courtesy of N. Vrouyr

N. Vrouyr

“What makes my work so radical? First of all because I rule out any concept that I consider as being alien to the artistic essence. There is no naturalistic interpretation to be found in my work, neither an idealistic aim. It is detached from feelings and personal statements.” “We clear the horizon”. But also because my work, globally seen, is radical: a) considering the character of my work that I consider as an exercise for the spirit and the hand, and nothing more b) considering the general project, the intention to work with colour and textile in order to achieve an artistic object, and nothing more c) because of the type of action that I conceived based on the radicality of the conception, the rationality of the production and the adapted execution. All these concepts share one aim: the absence of ambiguity and a permanent clarity F. Javier Fernandez. 2002