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Courtesy of Galerie Dumonteil

Even though his work is of a great diversity, this sculptor could be described as the sculptor of The Elephant as this animal is more than present in his Work and this despite its great difficulty of representation that has lead him to be neglected by the majority of other sculptors. In 1984, he leaves his hometown, Vendôme, to come to Paris study at the Fine Arts School (“Les Beaux Arts”). He joins Jean Léon Gérôme’s workshop in 1897. In1905, he starts to regularly exhibit his artworks, in particular at the French Artists Salon. During the 1925’s Exhibition, he is awarded a silver medal. In 1928, he sells his first art piece to the State. This year, he also becomes the Treasurer of the Animal Artists Salon. In fact, he exhibited several Panthers at this Salon, in particular in 1925 and in 1930. Between 1929 and 1953, other States purchases followed the first one. He also worked with the Sèvres Manufactory (“Manufacture de Sèvres”). The actual craze of collectors for his artworks confirms his talent and the quality of his Work already strongly recognized and renowned during his life. A significant number of his sculptures may be found in several museums both in France and Abroad. His sculptures are always filled with great tenderness, a keen eye for observation and details but also a strong veracity in attitudes and volumes