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Courtesy of La Pendulerie

François-Joseph Hartmann (also Hartemann) a clockmaker who worked in Paris. On vendémiaire 27, an II (October 18th, 1793) he rented an apartment with a shop at the corner of the rue des Viarmes for 6 ½ years. At the time of the 1801 exhibition he was working at rue de Vannes no. 9, after his marriage to Marie-Louise Guitarde, he settled in the rue Saint-Eustache, n° 54, and on 23 July 1814 he purchased the Hôtel d’Italie in the same street, together with its furniture, for a total price of 9500 francs. (Paris, Archives nationales, minutier central, IV, 1033). Tardy records that from 1810-30 he worked in the rue Tiquetonne. By then Hartmann had been appointed Horloger-Mécanicien pour l’Observatoire et la Marine. While little is recorded of Hartmann and few clocks by him are recorded, those that are known are of great quality, including a Louis XVI drum clock mounted on a gilt bronze horse, a white marble and gilt bronze portico clock with moon phases, Republican calendar and decimal dial, and a five-dial Empire gilt bronze clock indicating hours, minutes, days, months, world time and moon phases (illustrated respectively in Kjellberg, Encyclopédie de la Pendule Française du Moyen Age au XXe Siècle, 1997, pp. 281, 328 and 400).