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Courtesy of Michael Goedhuis

Michael Goedhuis

Marie Hugo comes from a distinguished French family of artists and writers. She lives and works between London and the South of France where she was born. Her work tends to be large scale and predominantly black ink on paper or canvas. Although trained in France in the Western European tradition, she has lived in Asia and has long had an affinity with the Orient: indeed, her style and inspiration has much to do with traditional Chinese art forms and can be described as a marriage of East and West. When she returned to Europe in the 1980’s she worked in her late father’s studio, by the end of the 1990’s she was breaking with the more traditional way of expressing herself. She then began painting with Indian Ink and pigments in pools of water on the floor of the studio. This experimental way of painting proved a significant new departure for her. Playing with the rejection or the fusion of the ink in water, her work involved balancing fullness with emptiness, and fluctuating between figuration and abstraction. Bamboo, insects, lotus leaves, stones, water and twigs became important motifs in her work. At times her work also has evolved in a three-dimensional form, as she mounted her large canvases in free-standing columns, resulting in an installation she called “Forest of Light'. Among the columns she installed a structure in metal mesh, which she called “Medusa” and thus seemed to be sculpting both air and light.