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Courtesy of BOON GALLERY

Domien Ingels was an animal sculptor and painter. He received his first artistic training from his uncle Domien Van den Bossche. Afterwards, he studied at the Academy of Ghent under the tutorship of Jean Van Biesbroeck and Jean Delvin. In 1903, he was appointed as a teacher at the Academy. Ingels shared an atelier with the famous Expressionist painter Constant Permeke for a few months at the Saint-Elisabeth beguinage in Ghent. He was foremost an animal sculptor and preferred illustrating the working horse and the greyhound. He also studied exotic animals in the circus. His elephant sculptures show off an heroic Expressionism and are representative of his exuberant lifestyle. He even sculpted the famous "Ros Beiaard" for the "Exposition Universelle" in Ghent in 1913. Ingels is considered to be one of Belgium’s most important sculptors.