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Courtesy of Trinity House Paintings

Lewis born in Johannesburg comes from an artistic family. His grandparents were both artists, his late father was a well known sculptor and his mother and brother are now both practising artists. When he was 18 years he enrolled to study Fine Art in Cape Town. He went on to work at Rodevlei Nature Reserve, always having had a close interest in the natural world. He then took on a number of projects which included the studying of painting and taxidermy at the Ruth Prowse School of Art. Lewis was 25 years when he became interested in sculpture, he spent twelve months at the Timbavati Nature Reserve. Later he travelled to Europe studying art in various museums. He then returned to Stellenbosch where he built his studio and bronze foundry, casting his own works. In 1995 he represented South Africa at the ’Artists for Nature Foundation Expedition’ to Cordova Alaska. Dylan is known to have said the following: ‘I sketch continuously, sometimes for weeks at a time, until an understanding of form and movement emerges, then I sculpt small compositional studies, followed by the final sculpture. Under the surface often lie fully sculpted skeleton and muscle studies. The discipline gives me the freedom to concentrate on the abstract sculptural aspects of the work while retaining the animal form’ His international career covers twenty years of exhibiting in Paris, Sydney, Toronto, Houston and San Francisco as well as many Shows in London, where he is among the few living artists to have held solo auctions at Christies Auction House.