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Courtesy of Michael Goedhuis

Michael Goedhuis

Jake studied at Byam Shaw Saint Martins before undertaking his bachelor’s degree in fine art at the University of West England. During this period he spent six months studying in Hong Kong, where he recently returned to spend another year developing his art practice. Jake has a profound fascination with the ‘everyday’. Through juxtaposing what we know with unfamiliar forms, objects and experiences, he looks to encourage an exploration of one’s subconscious and their surroundings. While his work feels very personal to him, he chooses to refrain from imprinting this into the title or explanation of any given piece. “I want to simply lay the seeds for stimulation, it is with the engagement of the viewer’s imagination where things get interesting.” The fundamental belief that no human is uncreative underpins everything he makes. “It is in direct opposition to the very nature of being human to think of oneself as such. It is only due to a lack of opportunity, stimulation or confidence that culminates in such a belief. It is essential to our existence, happiness and evolution as a species to continue to creatively engage with ourselves, each other and our environment.” If only in a miniscule way, he hopes what he makes encourages viewers to engage their imaginations, giving further consideration to what is and what could be.