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Courtesy of Galerie Dumonteil

Arman Petersen, born in Basel in 1891 of Swiss origin, was the fellow student of Schmied and Dunand at the School of Industrial Art in Geneva. He worked in Switzerland and then Budapest before finally coming to Paris. While working in his profession as an engraver, he shifted more towards sculpture. The animal fast absorbed all of his activity. Keen observer, he studied in-depth the models, trying to uncover the most distinct behavior. He made a name for himself in the 1920s through his skill in simplifying shapes. Armand Petersen shows his creatures at rest, looking for every day beauty. Like Bugatti, he understood the importance and the sadness of beasts on guard. Afterwards he abandoned the human figure and his first bits of research into the effects of the picturesque (i.e. Guinea-Pig, Bison, Danish Hound). “Le Corbeau” for the fountain of Basel is met with a large response. Petersen participated in numerous exhibitions (Salon d’Automne, des Tuileries, Galerie Logan Brandt in Switzerland (Basel), in Brussels, Berlin, Budapest, New York, and in Denmark). His small bronze sculptures express the force and the grace with sensitivity and a very synthetic and realistic execution. He never gives the impression that he is creating simple trinkets. They are, to the contrary, monumental despite their size. They show the nobleness and the amplitude. It was the same for Francois Pompon, Edouard-Marcel Sandoz, and Holbert de Tremoud. He has also worked with Leleu for the project “Le Normandie” and has produced for the Manufacturers of Sevres and Copenhagen. His collectors are numerous through out his career, and he achieved great success, Today once more, he is considered to be one of the most recognized among the animal artists of his time. Along with Pompon and Artus, he is one of the three great sculptors of “finesse” who had revolutionized animal sculpture during the pre-war period. Etienne Audfray Sculptor, General Secretary of the SNBA and President of the Naturalistic Salon of Animal Artists