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Courtesy of Michael Goedhuis

Michael Goedhuis

Born in Taitung, Taiwan, in 1966, Pan Hsin-Hua creates surrealistic paintings that are in a classical brush-and-ink style firmly rooted in the Chinese tradition. Currently teaching in Hualien, Taiwan, he graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, and his works have been exhibited extensively in Taiwan. Pan skillfully blends both the past and the present in paintings that examine the relevance of tradition in contemporary culture. His archaism echoes the "blue-and-green style" that uses opaque mineral pigments in a mode traditionally thought most appropriate for depicting an idealized and utopian world. This follows in the mold of masters of the late Song and early Yuan dynasties - such as the historicizing Qian Xuan and Zhao Mengfu in the 13th century - as well as those of the late Ming period who in turn evoked them, artists like Cui Zizhong, Wu Bin, Ding Yunpeng, and Chen Hongshou in the 16ht and 17th cneturies. At the same time, Pan introduces an ironic and irreverent flavor into his work by integrating unconventional pictorial elements, often from other cultures, and usually of an explicitly contemporary and playful nature.