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Courtesy of Sphinx Fine Art

Parisot was born in Paris and, although without formal education, he went on to study at Montauban, and from 1785 was director of the Grenoble art school. With the Revolution, he left France for Russia, arriving in Moscow in 1792 where he was to live for thirty-two years. It came to the attention of Prince Vasili Dolgoruky who bought a painting Selski Prazdnik from the artist for 400 roubles. Upon arrival in Russia Parisot adopted the name Ludovic and registered himself as Swiss. He was a teacher of art to the children of Prince Cherkassky. One of the few foreign artists to work in Russia at the end of the 18th century, works by him are very rare as many were destroyed in the 1812 fire of Moscow. Collections Parisot is represented in museums in Russia, in Montauban, and in the Louvre, Paris.