David Moss

An Oceanic arsenal livens up a Left Bank Christmas


THIS year renowned Parisian dealer in Oceanic Art Anthony Meyer celebrated 35 years in business, and it was a busy year. He was at Maastricht, the Biennale, Frieze Masters and TEFAF New York as well as participating in Parcours des Mondes and mounting imaginative and varied exhibitions at his Left Bank gallery at 17 Rue des Beaux-Arts.

A second generation dealer Anthony was brought up in Los Angeles before his parents moved back to Paris in 1971. He opened his present gallery in 1985 and in addition to his speciality, Oceanic art, for the past five years or so he has also dealt in Eskimo art, long a private passion.

His gallery shows are always worth a visit and the current one is no exception, it is called ‘Courage’ and is refreshingly far from a Christmas theme. It offers arms and armour from the South Pacific, a host of shields, spears, knives, clubs and ornaments as always displayed with a visual flair.

Courage continues until January 28 but the gallery closes from December 24 to 30.

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