About MasterArt

MasterArt showcases more than 15,000 works of art from 300 of the world’s leading art dealers and galleries

Whether you are looking for an antique Japanese screen, a Renaissance signet ring or a set of Louis XV side tables—or simply indulging in a leisurely browse— MasterArt will guide you to a treasure trove of artworks and antiques…and perhaps help you to find that rare piece missing in your collection. Our portal invites you to search for artwork by keyword (artist or maker), category or gallery, and request to be informed by email of new acquisitions based on your specific search criteria. Take a moment to browse exquisite collections, zoom in on an-eye catching piece, and admire its beauty from a number of different angles.

A Reputation for Excellence and Integrity

MasterArt.com enjoys a solid reputation in the art market thanks to its deep-rooted commitment to excellence and integrity. Collectors and art professionals alike know that only long-established dealers who regularly exhibit at prestigious international art and antique fairs are invited to display their collections on the MasterArt portal. They know that a dealer’s participation at an international fair serves as a guarantee that the objects exhibited have been vetted by the most demanding of art specialists. In short, the artworks displayed on MasterArt are said to show exceptional beauty and true authenticity.

An Electronic Companion for Collectors

In addition to showcasing the world’s most exquisite pieces, our portal reports news about ongoing developments as well as upcoming events in the art world. Do not miss art specialist David Moss’s monthly column, the MasterArt Storybook, which offers precious insider perspectives on international trade fairs, dealer shows and breaking news in the art and antiques market. The portal’s homepage also features news posts introducing new gallery members and the latest additions to be found in dealers’ collections. Visitors may flip through richly illustrated electronic catalogues posted by galleries and dealers under the tab PUBLICATIONS. There is no doubt that MasterArt.com has truly become a favorite companion for art lovers around the world.

The MasterArt Print Directory

Distributed at international art fairs, prestige events and luxury hotels, the MasterArt Directory lists the world’s leading galleries and dealers, along with useful information such as their address, association membership, exhibitions and founding date.

Who We Are

MasterArt.com was created by ArtSolution, an IT service provider specialized in providing dynamic and secure quality web sites for art dealers, fairs and art institutions. Launched in 1999, we have taken pride in not only designing uniquely attractive websites for our clients, but also in offering highly efficient software and management system, a behind-the-scenes tool that our users greatly appreciate. Today we are the service provider for a number of major international fairs: TEFAF (Maastricht), BRAFA (Brussels), Masterpiece (London) and Art Miami (Miami), to name but a few. ArtSolution is also present internationally, serving galleries and collectors based in Belgium, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.

Our Visitor Profile

The great majority of MasterArt visitors are private collectors decidedly intent on uncovering a unique piece. Academics, art professionals, museum curators, interior decorators and investors are also frequent visitors to the portal. Though spanning many countries, they all share one common trait: a deep-rooted passion for beauty in art.

How to Search

Visitors easily experience how helpful the portal is in locating their coveted, hidden treasure. MasterArt invites them to select among the 14 categories of art and then guides them to the appropriate galleries. Or else visitors may directly search for a specific object and then be led to several collections. Finally, they may want to browse the collection in one specific gallery. In all cases, visitors register for free when conducting searches by:

  • Keyword
  • Category
  • Gallery

A favorite MasterArt feature among registered visitors is the “email alerts system,” which immediately informs them as soon a new item of interest based on their search criteria has been added to our website. It is no wonder that MasterArt has become an absolute must for art lovers and collectors worldwide.