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Courtesy of BOON GALLERY

Frans Smeers was a Belgian Post-Impressionist painter and draughtsman of genre scenes, portraits, landscapes and seascapes. He received his artistic education at the Academy of Brussels from 1884 until 1895 under the tutorship of both Jean Portaels and Jan Stallaert. He debuted with his work in 1895 at "Le Sillon", being a co-founder of this artistic group, and met up frequently with his contemporaries Alfred Bastien, Albert Pinot and Maurice Wagemans. He painted until 1900 in a Realist manner with thick brushstrokes. From 1900 his work evolved towards a rather luminist Realism with Impressionist brushstrokes and bright tonality. He frequently worked in the open-air and became renowned for his sunny beach scenes. Smeers became a teacher at the Academy of Brussels from 1933 until 1946. He was also a member of the Belgian Royal Academy.