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Courtesy of Trinity House Paintings

Utrillo was born in Montmartre, one of the few well known painters who originated from that area of Paris. He was the son of the artist Suzanne Valadon but it was never revealed as to who Utrillo’s father was. He was therefore brought up by his mother which was not so easy when he showed early signs of a troubling inclination towards truancy and alcoholism. In 1904 owing to a mental illness that took hold of the artist, he was encouraged by his mother to paint. It was noticed almost immediately that he was artistically talented, drawing and painting in and around Montmartre. At the age of thirty seven years he had become internationally acclaimed, eight years later he was awarded the Cross of the ‘Legion d’honneur’. Sadly, throughout his life he was in and out of mental asylums. In his early 50s’ he married Lucie Valore and moved to a home on the outskirts of Paris. At that time, his illness was to prevent working in the open air, his subject matter now taking on landscapes and views from windows, post cards or from his memory. Although his life was plagued by alcoholism, Utrillo lived into his seventies. He died and was buried in the Cimetière Saint-Vincent, Montmartre.