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Courtesy of BOON GALLERY


Edmond Verstraeten was a luminist and pointillist painter of portraits and still lifes, but specialized in landscapes. Although he was a student of Jean Coosemans and received advice from Franz Courtens and Jean Rosseels, he was mostly a self-taught artist. He worked in Tervuren and Genk from 1890 until 1894, but mostly in the area of the Durme near Waasmunster. Verstraeten’s first important exhibition in 1894 was very successful. He was invited to the exhibitions of 1904 and 1911 by the avant-garde group "La Libre Esthétique". He travelled to Russia in 1906 where he met with the famous writer Léon Tolstoï. Verstraeten remained a Realist painter who evolved, under the influence of his artistic friend Emile Claus, toward a more personal and powerful luminist colour use.