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Paul Van Hoeydonck is Belgian painter and sculptor of international renown. He is the only artist in the world to have one of his works placed on the Moon. Fascinated by the human adventure in space, he has paid tribute to the victims of the conquest for space by crafting an 8.5 cm aluminium statuette, ‘Fallen Astronaut’, which the APOLLO 15 team down on the lunar surface in 1971 at the side of a commemorative plaque bearing the names of 14 American astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts. An art graduate from the Antwerp Higher Education Institute, Paul Van Hoeydonck is a self taught artist whose works would develop quickly from still life to geometric abstraction. He is the composer of monochrome paintings. He has ties with the Zero Group of Otto Pienne and Günther Uecker. He is noted for his use of plexiglas supports. Fascinated by the future of the technological and industrial world, he prefigured the life of humanity in the series, ‘City of the Future,’ at the end of the 1950s; he composes his artworks on the basis of an assembly of everyday life objects and materials, highlighting the transformation of the technological dream into a technological nightmare. Paul Van Hoeydonck offers a vision of the future based on the objects of the present, whose meaning is revitalised through his works. From the 1960s onwards he produced the series ‘Torsos,’ ‘Mutants,’ ‘Homo Cyberneticus,’ and ‘Astronauts,’ for which the forms and the colours occupied a central space. The works of Paul Van Hoeydonck are today the subject of numerous group exhibitions in Europe, Japan and the United States, and they have found a place in important museums such as Museum of Modern Arts in New York, the Chicago and Houston Museums of Contemporary Art, and the Modern Art Museum in Brussels.