2017 has been a phenomenal year for ArtSolution and MasterArt. Throughout this year, we have worked tirelessly to support our clients and partners in their digital ventures by providing outstanding technological products and services.

Scroll through to view an annual wrap up of our
achievements in line with our core values:

Excellence & Innovation

We value excellence above all else. Our team is committed to using our extensive expertise in technology and innovation to create practical and intuitive tools that benefit the art sector.

3 Major Technological Launches

Number of Virtual Tours we have created...

International and Ambitious

We are internationally focused with clients across the globe, and no project is too far or too ambitious for our dedicated team.

Our 2017 Fair Partners

Our team visited11countries in 2017…

Belgium, USA, France, England, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Hong Kong, Spain, Switzerland and Austria

world map Artsolution

...speaking9different languages...

French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Armenian, Russian

... to meet galleries and fairs' expectations.

Impeccable Client Support and Relations

Support is one of the key tenets of our company. Communication with our clients makes up an enormous part of what we do.

Our team has grown...

In 2017, we consolidated our skill set by adding 5 new team members to our line up of client relations and web development experts.

Technology as a tool to serve art

At the end of the day, we are driven to do what we do out a deep love for art.

Just a handful of our favourite MasterArt
artworks from 2017

We thank you wholeheartedly for making 2017 a fantastic year.
We look forward to continuing our great work together in 2018
and hope it is a joyous and prosperous year for all!
Season Greetings 2017