Description & Technical information

The unusual silver parcel-gilt tankard rises above a profiled base ring with diamond frieze. The conically shaped wall of the tankard tapers upwardly and terminates in a profiled lip edge. A transverse belt of stylized scrollwork adorns the wall of the drinking vessel.
In the center of the domed, double offset hinge cover there is a medallion with a moon sceptre as well as the entry of the owner "Franzel Simman" and the year 1561. This is framed by a stylized floral decor. Characteristic of the early tankard, the s-shaped handle with thumb rest crowned by a winged herm with armed helmet. At the handle, the ornamentation of the wall and the lid is taken up again.
Deckelhumpen (tankard with lid) as that of the ?Franzel Simman?, dated 1561, are extremely rare. So there is in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London a Nuremberg lid tankard of Wenzel Jamnitzer from the period around 1560/70, which not only has a very similar form but in which also a comparable Renaissanceornamentik with partial gilding to highlight tendrils of plant was used. Also the diamond frieze and crowned by a thumb rest Herme remember the tankard at the V & A.
The tankard is unmarked, however, speak the typical tapered upward shape of the body, the formation of the lid and thumb rest as well as similarities in the decoration and technology for a development in southern Germany, most probably in the vicinity of Nuremberg.
The appearance of the moon sceptre in the one hand lid medallion could also refer to a preoccupation with astrology, on the other hand, in conjunction with the relatively rare name "Simman" on a Middle Eastern origin of the owner.

Weight about 410 gr

Date:  1560
Period:  1400-1600, 16th Century
Origin:  Germany, Nuremberg
Medium: Silver Parcel-Gilt
Signature: Marks: unmarked
In the center of the lid holder engraved "Franzel Simman" with the date "1561".

Dimensions: 14.5 cm (5³/₄ inches)
Categories: Silver