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Milan, Parabiago
Completely original decorated (a encausto) on coloured hot wax in red and blue grounds with gilt stucco reliefs, all surrounded of beautiful kingwood marquetry, framed with white and ebony wood filets. With a single great opening door revealing yellow repainted interiors divided in three parts by orizzontal pine wood shelves. Standing on four pyramid legs terminating with gilded wood balls. The contemporary marble top is a fantastic quarter veneered Sicilian Jasper on his original Peperino stone support. The three fine sculpted central Figures represents: in the front Omphale wearing the skin of the Nemean Lion and carrying Heracles' olive-wood club, surmounted by an eagle and framed by oak leaves representing Jupiter, on the left side the Apollo Lyceus also called Apollino or Apollo Medici , the original Roman copy after Praxiteles Greek Model, First c. at The UffiziMuseum, Room 18, Florence and on the right side a Venus (Daphne?).

Date:  1785
Period:  1750-1850, 18th century
Origin:  Italy, Milan
Medium: Precious wood, Kingwood, Gilt reliefs, White and ebony wood
Dimensions: 91 x 112 x 58 cm (35⁷/₈ x 44¹/₈ x 22⁷/₈ inches)
Provenance: Private collection, France

•Agostino Gerli, Opuscoli, Parma, Stamperia Reale 1785.
•Un decoratore italiano”compagnon sculpteur” di honorè Guibert, disegni di Agostino Gerli, Antologia di Belle Arti, n.35-38, Edi Baccheschi, Torino 1990.
Il Mobile dei Lumi, Giuseppe Beretti, ed. Inlimine Milano 2010, p.156.

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