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One: London 1830 & three by Stephen Smith & William Nicholson, London 1859 

The West India Regiments (WIR) were infantry units of the British Army recruited from and normally stationed in the British colonies of the Caribbean between 1795 and 1927. In 1888 the two West India Regiments then in existence were reduced to a single unit of two battalions. This regiment differed from similar forces raised in other parts of the British Empire in that it formed an integral part of the regular

British Army. In 1958 a new regiment was created following the creation of the Federation of the West Indies with the establishment of three battalions, however, the regiment's existence was short-lived and it was disbanded in 1962 when its personnel were used to establish other units in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Throughout their history, the regiments were involved in a number of campaigns in the West Indies and Africa, and also took part in the First World War, where they served in the Middle East and East Africa.

Weight: 755g / 24.25oz

Date:  1830/1859
Period:  1750-1850, 19th century
Origin:  London, England
Medium: silver
Signature: Plain straight tapered, wire rim, each engraved with the number 2 encircled by a garter with 'WEST INDIAN REGT' below a crown.
Engraved with the garter of the West Indian Regiment

Dimensions: 9 x 8.5 cm (3¹/₂ x 3³/₈ inches)
Categories: Silver