Description & Technical information

A very early amulet figure representing a male ancestor. He is powerfully carved standing with arms akimbo and hands to his hips. The face appears to represent a long noses ancestral spirit mask with the pointed nose and projecting brow over a pointed chin. The rear of the figure is deeply carved showing a pronounced musculature. The topknot is pierced twice and surmounts an elaborate headdress. The figure stands on a pierced section (one side now missing).

Lower Sepik, Murik Lakes, PNG, Melanesia. Soft, light wood with red ochre and dry patina of age and wear.

Date:  19th century
Period:  1850-1900, 19th century
Origin:  Melanesia
Medium: Soft, light wood, Red ochre, Dry patina
Dimensions: 14.5 cm (5³/₄ inches)
Provenance: Ex coll. : The CoBrA artist Eugène Brands, Amsterdam, (15 Jan. 1913 - 15 Jan. 2002). Coll. : Eugenie Brands by descent. Possibly acquired from Galerie Lemaire, Amsterdam.
Literature: Ref.: 
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Categories: Tribal Art