Description & Technical information

This delicate cup and saucer is painted using enamelling and gilding techniques. The gold decorations complement the dominate presence of green and red to produce a striking object of pure elegance.
There is a dessert service, including a tray, two covered cups and a pot, held in the Topkapı Palace Museum (Museum Number: 7600) which has striking similarities to this enamelled cup and saucer; it is believed that this style may have been of Ottoman manufacture.[1]
Nonetheless, the provenance of late Ottoman enamels is very difficult to establish, because fine enamels were not only produced in the Ottoman capital of Istanbul, but also in some of the provinces. Moreover, enamelled objects were also imported into the Ottoman territories from Iran and Western Europe, which makes it particularly challenging to provide the place of origin.
[1] See, Cengiz Köseoğlu.  1987. Topkapı: The Treasury, translated and edited by J.M. Rogers. London: Thames and Hudson. p. 203 and ill.96.

Date:  19th century
Period:  1850-1900, 19th century
Origin:  Europe (possibly France) or Turkey
Medium: Enamel
Dimensions: 6.9 x 15 cm (2³/₄ x 5⁷/₈ inches)
Categories: Oriental and Asian Art