Description & Technical information

This rosewater sprinkler of pear-shaped form with a flared ring-foot has a tall slender neck with a coral finial. Worked using the techniques of repoussé, chasing and engraving, the decorative repertoire consists of rococo-inspired scrolls, flowers and c-shaped curves, in addition to bands of raised, vertical lines. The decoration is typical of Ottoman silver and metalware from the period including precious objects and arms and armour. Furthermore, the inclusion of coral points to Ottoman Algeria, where the material was used particularly throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.
For comparative examples, see Kürkman, p.252 for an Ottoman rosewater sprinkler, and Andersen, pp.112-13 for an Ottoman-Algerian powder bottle.

Date:  Late 18th - early 19th century
Period:  1750-1850, 18th century, 19th century
Origin:  Ottoman Turkey or Algeria
Medium: silver
Dimensions: 23.3 cm (9¹/₈ inches)
Literature: Andersen, Niels Arthur. Gold and Coral: Presentation Arms from Algiers and Tunis, Vaabenhistorisk Selskab, Danish Arms and Armour Society and Niels Arthur Andersen, 2014
Kürkman, G. Ottoman Silver Marks, Istanbul, 1996.

Categories: Silver