Description & Technical information

Tabourets were always produced en suite with a set of seat furniture. Especially fauteuils and chairs without armrests, sometimes also settees, formed part of these garnitures. Seat furniture was staggered according to its rank. The fauteuil, with upholstered back- and armrests, was reserved for the host or special guests. Close family and high aristocracy were allowed to sit on chairs without armrests. Tabourets were provided for all other high ranked members of the household and some visitors. At court most people had to stand, not even being allowed to sit on stools.

Date:  1740
Period:  18th century
Origin:  Germany, Ansbach
Medium: Oak, carved and gilded, petrol blue velvet upholstery
Dimensions: 42 x 52 x 40 cm (16¹/₂ x 20¹/₂ x 15³/₄ inches)
Categories: Furniture