Description & Technical information

Weight: 28g
Modelled as a flower in bloom, the flowerhead with collet set old brilliant-cut diamond centre, to five radiating petals pave-set with vari-sized old brilliant cut diamonds, three similarly set petals of a neighbouring flower show to the right, both supported by the diamond set stem and adjacent leaf and buds, the flowerhead, leaf and buds all mounted en tremblant in silver and gold, brooch fitting to the reverse.
This diamond brooch, set entirely en tremblant, resonates with both beauty and meaning. Dating to circa 1850, it was possibly made by an English jeweller for the Russian court. The brooch resembles many of the Russian crown jewels and was possibly removed by Frederick Kunz prior to the publication of Fersman's catalogue. 

The brooch incorporates the peony, known for its heartiness and fragrance, a very popular motif in Russian works of art. Also known as the Pentecost rose, as it blooms in spring and its fragrance came to represent the Holy Spirit. 

The brooch also features a sheaf of wheat and an oak leaf, recalling the wheat and oak wreath present in the Greater Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire. Oak is associated with heroism and victory, signifying antiquity and strength, while wheat signifies plenty. The wheat and oak motif appears in other forms of Russian decorative art, most notably on the imperial military services. 

Together, these motifs are a testament to the power and majesty of the Russian Empire, the hope of spring, and the bounty of the earth.
Length 9.7cm / 3 7/8''

Date:  1850
Period:  19th century
Origin:  English
Medium: Diamond, Old brilliant cut diamonds, silver
Categories: Jewellery