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Voiliers is an
incredibly expressive nautical scene by Jean Dufy who was known for his
depictions of leisurely social activities of the French bourgeoisie. Dufy was
strongly influenced by the musical figures that surrounded him, especially in
Paris. The expressiveness of Voiliers,
recalls the music that Dufy would have heard in the cafés of Paris- a culture
Dufy was very much a part of. The strong vertical brushstrokes in Voiliers conveys the sense of movement
associated with jazz and also recalls the fluid motion of waves. The title
itself, ‘Voiliers’ refers to the specific
type of boats depicted in this painting; the name of which is derived for the
French word for sail or veil. The boats were previously mercantile ships but
during Dufy’s lifestyle they were used as leisure boats, as seen by the graphic
figures in the foreground.

Period:  19th century
Medium: Oil on canvas
Signature: Signed lower right

Dimensions: 40.64 x 24.13 cm (16 x 9¹/₂ inches)

Private Collection, United Kingdom;

Private Collection, United Kingdom


Accompanied by a certificate from Jacques Bailly (December, 2007); Jean-Jacques Bailly has included this painting in his Volume II of the Jean Dufy catalogue raisonné, 2010

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