Description & Technical information

Weight: 2.3g, a very fine gold finger ring with a bezel in the form of an inverted pyramid and set with a light blue cabochon sapphire of oblong outline. 

Found in 1984 at Billingsgate, London, in spoil excavated from the river Thames, and recorded by the Museum of London. The stone with great colour and exceptionally well preserved thanks to lying undisturbed in the Thames for 700 years. Accompanied by paperwork from the Museum of London describing the find and that the ring had been kept at the Museum until its collection by the former owner in 2016.

Sapphires in Medieval times were associated with the Virgin Mary and, according to Bede, signified that those who were inspired by faith could rise to celestial (22mm o/d x 26mm)

Period:  13th century
Medium: gold, Cabochon Sapphire
Categories: Jewellery