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The title "Hottie", chosen by Estève himself - a colloquial term for a
pretty woman - is not just given by the shapes but also by the range of
warm and harmonious colors that give voice to the warmth of the woman on
a metaphysical level. Reality is not imitated, but synthetically
referenced by three-dimensional markers of assembly and then skilfully
subjected to the laws of the two-dimensional canvas. Hottie, one of
Estève's most emblematic works, distinguishes itself by its tondo shape.
Despite the abstract form of the piece, the only two semi-circular
shapes appear to refer to the female form.

Date:  1978
Period:  20th century
Origin:  France
Medium: Oil on original canvas (tondo)
Dimensions: 81 cm (31⁷/₈ inches)

Estève : Oeuvres de 1950 à 1980, Musée Cantini, Exhibition Catalogue, Marseille, 1981, illustrated under the n°49, p.58.
Galerie Nathan, Estève, Ölbilder, Zürich, 1982, illustrated in color in full-page under the n°13, p.50-51.
Maillard, Monique Prudhomme-Estève, Estève : Catalogue Raisonné de
l'oeuvre peint, Ides et Calendes, Neuchâtel, 1995, illustrated in color
in full-page under the n°683, p.88 and re-illustrated p.412.


Estève : Oeuvres de 1950 à 1980, Itinerant exhibition : Musée
Cantini, Marseille, June-August 1981 (label on the back) ; Musée de
l'Etat, Luxembourg, September 18th - October 18th, 1981 ; Musée de Metz,
October 23rd - December 6th, 1981.
Estève, Ölbilder, Galerie Nathan, Zürich, March 16th - June 19th, 1982, n°13. Label on the back.


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