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"The complete release of these colors that could spring from the canvases like the currents of colored energies. And the purity of this principle and its logical continuity despite the curves of his work is becoming even more evident now, [...] where the colors and shapes of
extraordinary richness and tension prove, in the end, that the path chosen and followed by Herbin was right. They prove that all the branches that seemed contradictory at first sight, were determined by necessity. By the necessity of time that commanded the creation of abstract art. Herbin has been seeking his entire life. He is not a man who is satisfied with what has already been found. Art, like past life, has no secrets. But we never know what it will be tomorrow. What will be the painting of tomorrow? One thing is for sure! He will be looking for it. Like every true artist, down to his last painting. Therefore, it is useless to come up with a conclusion or prediction.", Paris, July 1933.

Anatole Jakovski, "Auguste Herbin", Editions Abstraction-Création, Paris, 1933, p.51-52. 

Date:  1927
Period:  20th century
Origin:  France
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 89 x 116 cm (35 x 45⁵/₈ inches)
Provenance: Galerie des Etats-Unis, Cannes.
Kouro collection, Paris.
Private collection, France.

Literature: Geneviève Claisse, Catalogue Raisonné d'Auguste Herbin, Les éditions du Grand Pont, La Bibliothèque des Arts, Paris, 1933, listed under the n°613 p.387.
Anatole Jakovski, Auguste Herbin, Abstraction-Création Editions, Paris, 1933, reproduced p.49.


Centre culturel du Marais, Paris, February 6th - March 22nd 1981, n°62.

Categories: Paintings, Drawings & Prints