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The subject of the still life represents a major part in Achille Laugé's work.
From the 1890's, Laugé dedicates himself to the Neoimpressionist theories.
He applies the laws of color with a formal rigor using pure and juxtaposed shades that create an optical mixing.
From this pointillist technique and audacious chromaticism, Laugé paints works that are marked by an intense brightness. The color in his paintings is vibrant and comparable to the reverb of the light on the shapes.
"Nature morte aux cinq poires et aux deux pommes" is an oil on canvas painted in 1890. This composition is a perfect example of the studies of colors and light conducted by the artist. Placed on a simple white tablecloth, these seven Autumn fruits are painted with touches of green, yellow and red colors. While "silent", this composition is given life by the optical effect created by the artist. Color comes before
drawing, while dividing the shades the artist shapes his fruits, he juxtaposes touches of bright and dark colors to create dimension. White is then dotted to enhance the curves of the fruits and imitate the natural light which is reflected. There is no shadow to partition the drawing whose contours are made of round touches. This aesthetic bias shows the influence of Japonism, strongly rooted in France at the end of the 19th century.

Date:  circa 1890
Period:  19th century
Origin:  France
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 20 x 30 cm (7⁷/₈ x 11³/₄ inches)
Provenance: Sale of Achille Laugé's studio, Drouot, Maîtres Godeau, Solanet, Audap, March 5th 1976, n°66.
Inheritance of Monsieur A., Paris.


Achille Laugé, le point, la lumière, Catalogue d'exposition, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Carcassonne, Musée de la Chartreuse, Douai, 2009-2010, reproduced under the n°56 p.87.

This work will be included in the Catalogue Raisonné de l'oeuvre d'Achille Laugé being prepared by Mrs Nicole Tamburini.

Exhibitions: Achille Laugé, le point, la lumière, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Carcassonne, Musée de la Chartreuse, Douai, 2009-2010.

Categories: Paintings, Drawings & Prints