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This plump, saucer-eyed doll reveals Picasso's fondness for the Dominguin-Bosé children, in this case for Lucia, the eldest daughter, as well as his sense of childish playfulness. "La poupée" dates back to a touching episode, which took place during a holiday spent at Picasso's
villa in Cannes, La Californie. Little Lucia's birthday was approaching and the young girl unsurprisingly asked the artist for a doll as a present. Picasso pulled out his crayons and drew the present clownish doll on card in his own characteristic naive style.

When Picasso presented the birthday girl with her gift, she immediately burst into tears at the sight of the 'monstruous' doll, a far cry from the Mariquita Perez, a fashionable Spanish baby doll, that she had specifically requested. Once he stopped teasing Lucia, Picasso quickly
made it up to her and banished her tears by treating her to the much desired doll. The doll's features in the present cut-out recall those used by Picasso in the portrait of his daughter Maya, whom he represented with her own doll in 'Maya with a doll' of 1938 (Musée Picasso, Paris).

The Dominguin-Bosé children were very fond of
Picasso, referring to him as 'Padre Picasso'. They always came back from Picasso's studio with exciting reports to their mother on what the artist had done or said. When Lucia found out she was pregnant with her third child on holiday in Cannes at Picasso's La Californie, she decided
to name it after Picasso. A few months later, the artist became godfather to newly born Paola.

Date:  circa 1961
Period:  20th century
Origin:  France
Medium: Wax crayons and pencil cut-out cardboard
Signature: Certificate of authenticity issued by Mr Claude Ruiz-Picasso on May 10th 2008. Maya Widmaier Picasso has confirmed the authenticity of this work.

Dimensions: 68 x 42.5 cm (26³/₄ x 16³/₄ inches)
Provenance: Gift from the artist to Lucia Bosé
Sale London, Christie's, June 25th 2008, n°252
Acquired at the above by the former owner

Exhibitions: Santander, Museo de Bellas Artes, Picasso, Homenaje al torero, June - July 2001, p. 36, reproduced p.37.

Categories: Paintings, Drawings & Prints