Description & Technical information

Note: The brass liner is of later date.  The inside of the cellaret is stamped WILLIAMS 49766.
A virtually identical wine cellaret, of the same size and differing only in some carved detail, but otherwise essentially of the same design, was formerly in the collection of the Dukes of Hamilton at Hamilton Palace in Lanarkshire, Scotland. The sale of the contents of Hamilton Palace in 1882 took some thirty days and is notable as one of the great estate sales of the 19th century.
The Dublin cabinet-making firm of Williams was founded in the 18th century and in partnership with John Mack and William Gibton traded under the name Mack, Williams & Gibton. Following the death of Mack in 1829 the company traded as Williams & Gibton until Gibton’s death in 1842 when the name changed again to Williams & Son. The business ceased trading in 1852.
Furniture produced by Williams & Gibton and by Williams & Son is often stamped with the company name and a five digit serial number. The cellaret is stamped WILLIAMS 49766, placing it in the third and final stage of the company’s history.

Date:  1845
Period:  Victorian
Origin:  Irish
Medium: Mahogany
Dimensions: 54.5 x 112 x 70 cm (21¹/₂ x 44¹/₈ x 27¹/₂ inches)
Provenance: Partridge Fine Arts Plc, London, England.
Private collection, California, USA.
Categories: Furniture