Description & Technical information

Nude version (1869-1870)
Salon in 1872 (original plaster ) & Universal exhibitions in 1873, 1878 (bronze, Orsay)
Lifetime cast (out of the editon contract with F. Barbedienne) signed "A.Mercié", cast by "E.Gruet Jne Fondeur Paris"(inscription), example of the artist or French State example (?), former Auguste Lumière collection and descendance, udb 210623 ; only life size nude bronze example identified with the one at the musée d'Orsay (bronze placed outside during a long time, cleaning and patina restorations : restoration report on request ).

Date:  Circa : 1894-1910
Period:  19th century
Medium: Bronze à patine brun rouge richement soutenu
Dimensions: 186 x 85 x 80 cm (73¹/₄ x 33¹/₂ x 31¹/₂ inches)
Categories: Sculpture