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For the Berlin dadaïsts art had to be anti-propaganda, with texts and drawings and collages marked by ‘toughness, brutality, and a clarity that hurts! There are enough pieces of music that send you to sleep.’ (Grosz in 1918). Dada Berlin, with Grosz, Hausmann, Heartfield, Höch, Huelsenbeck, etc., becomes the most radical branch of the movement. Logical, given the revolutionary situation in Germany. Noncommittal, formal pottering around is, in this context, just ludicrous. When the world’s aflame, the courageous and talented choose sides. In the years following 1918, Grosz and his comrades receive more than their share of court-cases and sentences. And rightly so, for they wanted to affront all the bosses and collaborators of the regime, to denounce them as criminals. – Grosz also remained the dandy, in the venerable sense of the term, full of contempt for hypocritical bourgeois morals. The philistines who take him and his friends for dangerous madmen, are here provided reinforcement with the portrait of two dada-heroes as a pair of spoilsports and troublemakers, just before the blows commence to fall.

Date:  1922
Period:  20th century
Origin:  Germany
Medium: Watercolour, Pen, Ink on paper
Dimensions: 50 x 39.5 cm (19⁵/₈ x 15¹/₂ inches)
Provenance: George Grosz Estate
Literature: Serge Sabarsky, George Grosz. Gli anni di Berlino/Die Berliner Jahre, 1985, ill. 113 (Also English and French editions)
Exhibitions: Travelling exhibition George Grosz. Gli anni di Berlino/Die Berliner Jahre
Palazzo Reale, Milano,May 30-July 28, 1985
Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara,August 3-September 29, 1985
Museum Moderne Kunst,Wien,December 12,1985-January 31, 1986
Accademia di Belle Arti, Napoli, February 26-April 13, 1986
Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, April 26-June 8, 1986
Museum Villa Stück, München, September 3- October 26, 1986
Staatliche Kunsthalle, Berlin, March 13-April 15, 1987
Kestner Gesellschaft,Hannover,November 27,1987-January 24,1988
Centre Georges Pompidou,Paris, October 5, 2005-January 9, 2006, Dada, ill.
Categories: Paintings, Drawings & Prints