Description & Technical information

From the Middle Ages onwards rings bearing a motto or inscription with personal message became ever more popular. Plain gold bands with the name engraved of a loved one or sentimental messages in prose or verse, also known as posy rings were customarily exchanged between friends, relatives and lovers, but also at betrothals and wedding ceremonies. The messages were often concealed inside the hoop and the content only known to the wearer and giver. Gold band with D-section on the exterior of the hoop engraved with flowers (forget-me-nots, carnations, and daisies). The ring was originally enameled, and traces of black enamel remain. Inside the hoop engraved in italic script "Franciscus South miles" (Franciscus South, knight). Also inside the hoop is a punch in shield form with a capital letter “S." probably a maker’s mark, which remains unidentified. The ring is in good wearable condition.

RING #843

Date:  17th century
Period:  1600-1750, 17th century
Origin:  England
Medium: gold
Categories: Jewellery