Description & Technical information

A hammered cylindrical hoop joins the underside of a round bezel in this ring composed of electrum, or possibly gilt silver. Engraved on the bezel is a frontal eagle turned slightly to the left, its wings spread fully to the edge of the bezel and holding a snake in its claws. A block monogram in the upper portion of the bezel with the letters E, M, N, O, C, V, and W most likely resolves as Σνρεων or Σνρεωιος or Σνρεωνης, or (of) Symeon. Universal symbol of the struggle between good and evil, the image of the eagle devouring a snake was a popular one in Byzantium.

RING #846

Date:  550-600 AD
Period:  Middle Ages, 6th century, 7th century
Origin:  Byzantine
Medium: silver-gilt
Categories: Jewellery