Description & Technical information

Enkomi, on the island of Cyprus, was a wealthy trading and copper center during the Late Bronze Age. In the late nineteenth century, the British Museum (with a bequest from Emma Turner) began excavations at the site and unearthed thousands of objects from ordinary vessels to high quality gold jewelry.  Several rings very much like the present were also uncovered, all displaying fine gold work and a consistent style. Broad, flat band of nine individual wires total soldered together. The three center wires are twisted; the six outer (on either side) are plain. The ends of the hoop were hammered flat and soldered to the bottom of the circular bezel. The bezel is raised in a cake-like form with a beaded base and top consisting of concentric circles: scalloped, woven, and beaded. At the center is a hollow, raised disc (now dented). The ring is in remarkably excellent condition for its age.

Date:  1450-1200 BC
Period:  Antiquity
Origin:  Cyprus
Medium: gold
Categories: Jewellery