Description & Technical information

Exceptional Namban 'yatate', a portable writing set meaning literally 'arrow-stand', suggesting the shape of a smoking pipe.
It features a brownish copper long hollow cylindrical shaft with silver finials where the writing brush was stored. On one end it is terminated by fletching while on the other is reinforced by a ring connecting to the clamshell-shaped copper vessel that stored the 'sumi' ink soaked piece of fabric.. The fire-gilt clamshaped vessel engraved with Namban style motifs and topped by Japanese palace shaped silver cover. On the underside an engraving depicting the 'hurofune', the trading Portuguese Black Ship that regulalry arrived to the japanese shores from the Portuguese Indian territories via Macao.

Date:  Early 17th century
Period:  1600-1750, 17th century
Origin:  Portugal
Medium: Copper, gold, silver
Dimensions: 19.56 cm (7⁷/₁₀ inches)
Provenance: Private Collection, Lisbon
Categories: Works of Art