Description & Technical information

Gilded silver pomander in the form of a book with hinged covers, with a small spoon as a clasp. Inside are six compartments on either side of a hinged central divider engraved with the names of substances contained in each compartment: GIEFT.LATW. (Gift Latwerge = poison plum pulp), BERNST.B. (amber balm), RAVT.B. (Raute Balsam = oil based plant), KRVSE.B. (Krause Balsam = balm for frizzy hair), ZIMET.B (cinnamon balm), POMMER.OEL. (hair pomade), NEGLEN.B. (clove balm), GVLD.EI. (gold), MVSCAT. OEL (nutmeg oil), LAVEN.B. (lavender balm), SCHLAG.SAL (apoplexy salt), ROSEN.B. (rose balm). A serpent-shaped pendant loop rests on a miniature spherical pomander in openwork. The book cover is finely engraved with fruits and foliage.

Date:  1620–1650
Period:  1600-1750, 17th century
Origin:  Southern Germany
Medium: Gilded silver
Categories: Jewellery, Silver