Axel Vervoordt Gallery is eager to present Bae Bien-U's solo exhibition Cycle, as a continuation of the artist's previous exhibitions ConvexConcave (2011) and Counterbalance (2014). In Cycle, the Korean photographer offers a close view of different series, spanning from 1981 until 2018. During his travels to the Korean island of Jeju, Bae Bien-U captured the various elements of nature playing, such as wind, sea, and earth. The landscape of Jeju is marked by water and small volcanic mountains, called 'oreum' in Jeju dialect, that are covered with rich vegetation, grass and trees. It is the wind, called 'baram', that gives energy and motion to the otherwise static landscapes. Through his photographs entitled JEJU, SEA, BRM ('baram') and OM ('oreum'), Bae Bien-U aims to contemplate on the ever repeating dynamic of a natural phenomenon, such as the typhoon. As the artist explains himself, "it is the nature of Nature to flow back to its origin".