John Mitchell Fine Paintings 17 Avery Row, Brook Street, London W1K 4BF, +44(0)20 7493 7567 www.johnmitchell.net email: James Mitchell at james@johnmitchell.net For the last year James has been working on a series of paintings of North Norfolk which will form an exhibition at John Mitchell Fine Paintings. This work is heavily influenced by the work of John Constable who James has been inspired by since the age of eight. Unlike many of his recent landscape exhibitions, which have focused on mountain ranges, this collection of work concentrates on the ‘horizontal’ and the moods recreated by the large skies. The horizon in particular has become a central element to the paintings, many of which have been generated using rulers and pens combined with oil paint. A full selection of work and catalogue will be released nearer to the exhibition.



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