Alexandre-Jean Oppenordt

Bureau mazarin

Röbbig München

Date 1685

Epoque 1600-1750, 17th century

Origine France, Paris

Medium Ebony, Amaranth, Spuce, Fruitwood, Brass-gilt

Dimension 84 x 121 x 70 cm (33¹/₈ x 47⁵/₈ x 27¹/₂ inches)

Paris, Louis XIV period
Design and execution attributed to Alexandre-Jean Oppenordt
Restored by Jacques Dubois, c. 1750, stamped “I DUBOIS”

Carcase: spruce
Marquetry: in première partie of engraved brass, pewter, tortoiseshell underlaid with
red, ebony, fruitwood, amaranth, drawers of walnut
Mounts: brass-gilt

Date: 1685

Epoque: 1600-1750, 17th century

Origine: France, Paris

Medium: Ebony, Amaranth, Spuce, Fruitwood, Brass-gilt

Signature: stamped “I DUBOIS”

Dimension: 84 x 121 x 70 cm (33¹/₈ x 47⁵/₈ x 27¹/₂ inches)

Provenance: According to the inventory taken in 1853 of Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, this bureau Mazarin was probably acquired for Warwick Castle by George,  second Earl of Warwick (1746−1816), or his son Henry Richard Greville,  third Earl of Warwick (1779−1853); in the ownership of the Earls of Warwick until its sale on May 20,1968 by the Trustees of the Warwick Castle Settlement, Christie’s, London, lot 81, is described as a “Louis XIV bureau Mazarin […] in the manner of A.C. Boulle and stamped I. Dubois […] who probably restored this piece during the eighteenth century”; private collection, London.

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