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Helvoirt, 14 December 2011. Exhibitors at TEFAF Maastricht will be bringing an
extraordinary array of rare and beautiful works of art as The European Fine Art Fair
celebrates its Silver Jubilee at the MECC (Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre)
in the southern Netherlands from 16 – 25 March 2012. The renowned international
specialists who exhibit at TEFAF always keep their best works of art back to show but
this year they will be pulling out all the stops as TEFAF marks the 25th anniversary of its
foundation. It is this insistence on quality that since 1988 has transformed TEFAF from a
relatively small-scale event into the world’s most important art and antiques fair
attracting collectors, curators and connoisseurs from more than 50 countries.

A tulip created especially for TEFAF will be unveiled at the Fair as part of its Silver
Jubilee celebrations. Visitors to the 2012 Fair will be greeted by a spectacular new
entrance hall designed for the 25th anniversary containing an astonishing light
installation by the artist Leo Villareal. On the morning of Friday 16 March there will be
a symposium about the changes and developments in the art market between 1988
and 2012. TEFAF is also producing a special Silver Jubilee book, has set up a Museum
Restoration Fund to help institutions with restoration projects and has become the
principal sponsor of the Museum aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht.

Among the works to be exhibited at TEFAF 2012 will be:
A stunningly beautiful gold, diamond and enamel dragonfly pendant by René
Lalique, the undisputed genius of Art Nouveau jewellery. This signed piece made
c1903 depicts four dragonflies with green-blue enamelled legs and wings with a large
oval acquamarine in its centre. It was originally purchased directly from Lalique by
the glassmaker Leon Appert, the brother-in-law of the great French painter Georges
Seurat. The pendant will be exhibited by Epoque Fine Jewels from Belgium.
A rare cup made from a coconut once owned by Alexander von Humboldt, the
German naturalist and explorer. The silver-mounted Humboldt Cup was one of a
series of works commissioned in the 17th century by Johan Maurits van Nassau, the
Dutch prince and general whose residence is now the Mauritshuis museum in The
Hague. It later belonged to Von Humboldt and only four comparable objects have
survived, all in public collections. It will be brought to TEFAF by Kunstkammer Georg
Laue of Munich.
A newly-discovered 16th century alabaster relief by the German sculptor and
woodcarver Tilman Riemenschneider. The Annunciation, dating from 1515 – 1520 and
measuring 32cm by 21.5cm, was intended for private devotion and strikes a balance
between formal elegance and expressive strength. Riemenschneider’s work in
alabaster is rare and this piece with details such as the letter from God and the
Virgin’s crossed hands appears to be unique. It will be exhibited by Daniel Katz Ltd of

The last available work from a set of six bronzes made by the influential Mannerist
sculptor Giambologna (Jean de Boulogne) in 1596 for the Eucharistic tabernacle in
the Certosa del Galluzzo monastery in Florence. The other five are all in public
collections or foundations in the United States and Australia. An Angel Alighting will
be on the stand of Altomani & Sons from Milan.
A magnificent example of the work of Pieter Brueghel the Younger depicting
peasants working in the field and resting over lunch. The Harvest, signed and dated
1621, was one of a series of paintings of the seasons of the year produced by the
younger Brueghel. It brilliantly portrays the fertility of the earth amid the heat and
torpor of August. The painting will be exhibited by De Jonckheere of Paris.
A unique photographic self-portrait of the painter Edgar Degas probably taken in
the autumn of 1895. Degas began experimenting with photography in the 1880s,
capturing scenes of everyday life from unexpected viewpoints. The intimate
photograph entitled Self-portrait in his library shows him sitting by a shaded sculptural
bust. This contact print is unique although two enlarged versions of this image are
known in museum collections. The historic image will be shown at TEFAF by Hans P.
Kraus Jr Fine Photographs of New York.
A 3000 year-old Egyptian shabti figure which would have been placed in a tomb
with the deceased. The Shabti of Sunero, dating from the 19th Dynasty (c1306 – 1186
BC), depicts the Master of the Horse, a high-ranking military officer, holding his ba, his
personality and individuality, to his chest. This 22cm high dark brown serpentinite
figure will be exhibited by Galerie Harmakhis of Brussels.
One of a distinctive group of drawings by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo intended by
the artist to be sold as finished works. The Raising of the Cross, in pen and brown ink
with brown wash, is signed and was executed in the late 18th century as part of the
‘Large Biblical Series’. It will be shown by Stephen Ongpin Fine Art from London.
A portrait of Jacques-Louis David, the French artist who was the leading figure in
Neoclassical painting and an active supporter of the French Revolution. The picture
was painted in 1817 by David’s pupil François-Joseph Navez, who became a
successful portrait painter in his own right. He produced three other portraits of David,
all of which are in museums. This picture will be shown at TEFAF by Jean-François
Heim of Paris.

One of the most beautiful snow scenes in French art painted by the leading Realist artist Gustave Courbet. Effet de Neige, painted by Courbet in his native Ornans region during the uncommonly cold and snowy winters of 1866-68, uses an aggressive painting technique and an unmistakeable colour scheme. This superb oil on canvas work will be taken to TEFAF 2012 by French & Company of New York.
A unique oak table with a slate top designed by Børge Mogensen and produced
by cabinetmaker Erhard Rasmussen in Denmark in 1951 will be one of the highlights of
TEFAF Design. It will be exhibited by Galerie Eric Philippe of Paris.
Art, more than an Asset
TEFAF shares its view of art as more than an asset with its principal sponsor, AXA Art.
Their partnership provides art collectors with unique expertise covering the full range
of risk prevention, conservation, recovery and restoration, to enable them to maintain
their collections in the best possible condition.

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