An important revivalist gold and enamel 'Melos' necklace
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C Civilotti

An important revivalist gold and enamel 'Melos' necklace

Epoque Fine Jewels

Date 1872

Period 1850-1900, 19th century

Medium gold, Enamel

An important revivalist gold and enamel 'Melos' necklace, the flexible band of woven gold suspending a festooned fringe of stylised amphora drops alternately plain or beautifully decorated with filigree and granulation.The chain suspensions further set with green enamel hearts, blue enamel rosettes and florets, to the S-shaped clasp with wirework embellished terminals.
  The original Hellenistic necklace excavated at Melos (330-300 BC) inspired this Civilotti necklace and is now in the British Museum. It was purchased in 1872 from Castellani. Civilotti as well as Castellani and Giuliano made copies of this Hellinistic 'Melos' necklace.

Date: 1872

Period: 1850-1900, 19th century

Medium: gold, Enamel

Signature: In original velvet fitted case marked `C. Civilotti, Pz di Spagna, Roma, N° 93 94 95`.

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