Design for a pendant
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Design for a pendant

Philippe d´Arschot

Date 1560

Period 16th cnetury, 1550-1600

Medium Engraving

Dimension 9 x 13.8 cm (3¹/₂ x 5³/₈ inches)

Hans Collaert (circa 1530-1580)
Monogrammist EVG

Date: 1560

Period: 16th cnetury, 1550-1600

Medium: Engraving

Dimension: 9 x 13.8 cm (3¹/₂ x 5³/₈ inches)

Literature: The new Hollstein Dutch & Flemish etchings, engravings and woodcuts, 1450-1700. The Collaert Dynasty, Sound & Vision Publishers, 2005.

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Philippe d´Arschot

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