A Persian Peshkabz with walrus-ivory grips
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A Persian Peshkabz with walrus-ivory grips

Amir Mohtashemi Ltd.

Period 18th century

Origin Iran

Medium Steel and ivory

Dimension 38 cm (15 inches)

The peshkabz (dagger) has a sharp, slightly curving steel blade partly decorated with a tapering floriated scrolling design on both sides. The border underneath the grip (hilt) has an alternating floral design in carved and engraved steel with very few gold overlaid designs.  The carved walrus-ivory grip has a metal strip around it, which is decorated at intervals with Arabic inscriptions set in cartouches.
For similar examples, see a 19th century Iranian peshkabz, which has an inscription on the decoration on the blade, Accession number 36. 25. 721 and an 18th-19th century Afghan peshkabz, with inscriptions on the both sides of the grip, Accession number 36.25.715a, b. at the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York; and one at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Museum number 716&A-1889.

Period: 18th century

Origin: Iran

Medium: Steel and ivory

Dimension: 38 cm (15 inches)

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