A George II convent sienna marble chimneypiece
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A George II convent sienna marble chimneypiece

Ronald Phillips Ltd

Date 1740

Period George II, 18th century

Origin English

Medium Marble

Dimension 147.5 x 216 x 21.5 cm (58¹/₈ x 85 x 8¹/₂ inches)

The chimneypiece has survived in remarkable condition, with only a single repair to the top shelf.
It is rare to find such a piece without additions or extensive repairs despite having been moved to new homes several times since it was first installed, and it is a sign of quality that it has survived these moves without damage to or loss of the individual elements. The statuary marble used for the main structure is pure white and of the highest quality, while the Convent Sienna marble have a wonderful rich colour.  Neither marble is any longer availble. The carving has been spared unnessary polishing and overzealous cleaning, and as a result is still as crisp and well defined as the day it was completed.
A virtually identical chimneypiece differing only in the carved end blocks in the frieze was advertised by T. Crowther & Son in Connoisseur magazine in May 1955.
Height of opening: 3 ft 9 in; 114 cm
Width of opening: 4 ft ½ in; 123 cm

Date: 1740

Period: George II, 18th century

Origin: English

Medium: Marble

Dimension: 147.5 x 216 x 21.5 cm (58¹/₈ x 85 x 8¹/₂ inches)

Provenance: T. Crowther & Son Ltd., London, England.
Nigel Bartlett Antiques Ltd., London, England.

Literature: Connoisseur, May 1955, no page no.; trade advertisement with T. Crowther & Son Ltd.

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