Sawos Soup Dish Ex Bonisoli
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Sawos Soup Dish Ex Bonisoli

Galerie Meyer-Oceanic Art

Period 20th century

Origin PNG, Melanesia

Medium Fired and polychromed clay.

A fine small kamana, or soup bowl used by initiated men. The decor is composed of two stylized human faces – probably male - representing important spiritual ancestors. The faces are separated by two stylized human effigies and geometric motifs. This bowl was collected before it was ever used as there are no traces of patination on the inside and the outside colors are still fresh. Koiwat Village (field collected by Ed Boylan at Kamanggabi Village), Sawos People, Middle Sepik.  21,8 cm in diameter.  Inv. N° H115.

Period: 20th century

Origin: PNG, Melanesia

Medium: Fired and polychromed clay.

Provenance: Ex coll. : Marisa Viaggi Bonisoli, Torino.

Literature: Ill.: OCEANIA N°8. FACES OF CLAY - THE POTTERY OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Galerie Meyer, Paris, 1991, N° 18.

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